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High Performance Tyres

High performance tyres are designed to give your car fantastic levels of grip and the best possible handling at high speeds.

High Performance Tyres

What are high performance tyres?

High Performance tyres are designed to give owners of sports cars and other vehicles increased handling response and traction, particularly in wet and dry conditions. They are key to delivering the exhilarating driving experience sporting drivers are looking for. Performance tyres feature unique tread patterns, construction features, and rubber compounds to provide enhanced precision, responsiveness, and traction.

More and more drivers are seeking the benefits of performance tyres.

Are performance tyres right for me?

If you’re not sure if performance tyres are the right fit for you, consider your priorities behind the wheel. Different drivers expect different things from their vehicle, and the tyres you choose can make all the difference. Performance tyres may be the right choice for:

Drivers looking first and foremost for precise handling with improved grip and responsiveness.
Drivers who don’t mind making small sacrifices in fuel consumption, ride comfort, and tyre lifespan in order to gain superior control on the road.
Drivers who don’t want to simply go from Point A to Point B, but desire a heightened driving experience.

So what are tire speed ratings, and what are they used for?

Letter symbols are used to designate the speed rating of the tyre. Vehicle manufacturers use tyre speed ratings to ensure that vehicles and tyres are compatible. Generally, the higher the speed rating of a tyre, the more performance-orientated it is.

Typical speed ratings found on various levels of performance tyres are H, V, W and Y letter symbols.

While there is no industry standard, tyre buyers will generally find:

Performance tyres may come with a speed rating of H (up to 130 mph); this group may include winter tyres for high performance vehicles.
High performance all-season tyres come in speed ratings H (130 mph) and V (up to 149 mph).
Ultra-high performance tyres (summer and all-season versions) come with speed ratings of V (up to 149 mph), Z (more than 149), W (up to 168 mph) and Y (up 186 mph).
To find the recommended tire speed rating for your vehicle, check the owner’s manual. Tyre manufacturers mark the letter speed symbol on the sidewall in the size/service description code. We can help you find the tyre speed rating information you need.


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