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Extra Load Tyres

Designed for heavier vehicles, they support heavier loads and higher tyre pressures that bigger vehicles sometimes require.

Extra Load Tyres

What are Extra Load / XL tyres?

XL stands for Extra Load – or is sometimes referred to as Reinforced. Essentially, tyres bearing this stamp are designed for heavy cars rather than ones that carry big loads. Not only are they constructed to cope with weight, but also the higher tyre pressure these vehicles need to run at. This marking is usually found on lower-profile tyres used on large cars. It highlights the fact they are built to a higher weight rating, as there is nearly always a standard version in the same size in the maker’s range.

They are often used for SUVs and multipurpose vehicles and are less prone to damage. Most of the big manufacturers supply extra load tyres.

Do I need XL tyres?

XL / Extra Load or reinforced tyres should be used when your vehicle is being used with a heavy load. For example a MPV or a big SUV.  A standard tyre might struggle to cope with the extra load if for example you are travelling with a full compliment of passangers and addition luggage going on a holidy.


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