All Weather Tyres

All weather or all season tyres are designed to perform effectively in all weather conditions, throught out the summer and winter.

What you should know about all weather tyres

What is an all weather / all season tyre?

This is essentially an all-rounder which is able to grip the warm dry roads of summer in addition to working well on colder winter days. All-season tyres are a compromise between summer and winter tyres and work well in all seasons and weather conditions. The rubber mix used in the manufacture of these tyres was designed to function well in temperatures both below and above zero degrees Celsius.
In countries with milder climates such as the UK, where the summers are rarely burning hot and the winters rarely see heavy prolonged snowfall, all season tyres are a good compromise. They also work very well in the wet.

UK winters do get below 7 degrees Celsius which is where the grip on summer tyres begins to deteriorate. As such, all season might be your best bet if you don't want to change tyres. It’s worth noting that all season tyres are best used in urban environments with little snow retention. All season tyres can work well on roads with a small dusting of snow, but anything heavier can end up being problematic.

What are the benefits of all weather / season tyres?

All season tyres will provide the moderate driver with a more than acceptable level of performance throughout the year. The all season user will also be prepared for sudden cold spells as the rubber compound can survive below temperatures of 7 degrees. This versatility is one of the main attractions of the all season design.

Other advantages include:

Longer Tread-wear:
All season tyres are designed to wear across the entire tyre at an even rate with the result that they last longer than many other tyres. And because you’ll be driving short distances in an urban environment, such tyres may actually grow old before they are worn down.

Cheaper Than Other Types:
That’s right, these tyres are durable and more affordable. Due to the fact that these tyres are more popular than other types, the supply and demand mechanics work in favour of the purchaser. There are many excellent manufacturers from Pirelli and Falken to Bridgestone and Michelin trying to sell you their best all season offerings and that brings the prices down.

These tyres are meant to last and the manufacturers want you to know this. This the reason that they place up to 90,000 mile warranties on their tyres.

Use the same set of tyres all year round:
his prevents the driver having the hassle and cost of swapping and storing summer and winter tyres throughout the year.

Better level of performance throughout winter than a standard summer tyre:
Due to the unique tread and groove pattern combined with the intermediate rubber compound.
Better level of performance throughout summer than a specific winter tyre due to the tread providing improved handling on warm and dry roads.

Ideal for the UK weather climate:
Due to the milder but inevitably wet weather.

Are there any drawbacks of all weather / season tyres?

All season tyres are a compromise. They will never match the performance of winter tyres in winter conditions and they won’t hold up to summer tyres in summer conditions.


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