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All Terrain Tyres

Deigned to deal with rough ground like mud and uneven surfaces and normal
roads without compromising fuel fuel economy or tyre life excessivley.

All Terrain Tyres

What are all terrain tyres?

All terrain tyres are designed for use on and off the road. They are suitable for road use as they provide good grip grip in wet and dry conditions, they also offer a good driving experience with good levels of ride comfort and are not too excessively detramental with fuel economy.

The benefits come, when the vehicle is taken off-road, your vehicle can deal with a set of different challanges when fitted with all terrain tyres. For anyone planning on off-road driving  then an all-terrain tyres deserve serious consideration.

What are the benefits of all terrain tyres?

To ensure all terrain tyres don't get damaged on rough / rocky routes, the tyre’s surface, sidewalls and carcass inside are designed to be far stronger. To provide addition grip and traction on muddy or slippery surfaces the tread is made deeper and has radically differently grooves to a normal road tyre. This additional grip is very important if you are towing anything heavy off-road, where the you will need all the traction you can get to pull heavy loads on slippery surfaces with very little friction.

Are there any drawbacks with run flat tyres?

The all-terrain provides a practical compromise between off-road maximum traction tyres and on-road all season tyres, however they are a compromise. With all terrain tyres you are sacreficing some ride comfort, road noise and fuel economy.


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